An announcement was made on Twitter that 132,000 ballots in Fulton County, GA a likely ineligible Ballots will be thrown out.

Falsehoods are circulating on social media with all attention on Georgia’s razor-thin presidential vote margin over alleged ballot counting anomalies there.

A video which has racked up millions of views on Twitter is among the most commonly viewed instances. It claims to display an absentee ballot being crumbled by a poll worker.

It indicates, as it turned out, no such thing. Late Friday, Fulton County election director Richard Barron said the poll worker seen in the video tossed paper instructions, not a vote, which would have been much bigger than the paper seen in the video.

The declaration states that the sheet of paper shown in the video is too fragile to be a vote that would have weighed 8.5 by 19 inches.

Instead, Barron said it seemed that the worker discarded the collection of directions in their mailed ballots collected from residents, which is 8 by 5 inches. “It is obvious that no vote was impaired or disqualified due to the disparity of sizes,” the declaration states.

Sheriff Department El Paso, TX

The statement states that he clarified that his fingers were partially damaged due to a system failure when questioned why the worker looked upset in the video.

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Barron told reporters that the employee was living with friends because, when social network users threatened him and leaked his personal details, he no longer felt comfortable at home.

Barron told reporters, “He was one of the staff we had who taught us how to use those cutting machines because he was really quick at it, because he was the quickest one.”

Ballots Georgia Fraud

If these votes are declared ineligible, because there is a strong probability that they may be, President Trump is more likely to emerge as Georgia ‘s winner.

It all falls before the fraudulent processing of ballots that has been tackled in the state, and may have a huge effect as well.

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What I can tell you is nothing will be official until December 12th 2020 when the “Electoral Commission” brings the final vote into Washington D.C to be officially Tallied.

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