Anthony Pedro Aguero
Anthony Pedro Aguero FEC complaint has been filed

Anthony Pedro Aguero a local candidate running for the 16th CD in El Paso, TX has been caught with embezzlement on his FEC records this evening. An FEC complaint has been filed on the 36-year old contending Congressman out of El Paso, TX.

Anthony Pedro Aguero was otherly known by his social media nickname “Conservative Anthony” has had a complaint with and FEC filed for embezzlement of Campaign funds this evening at 12:37 Pm Mountain on the accusation of embezzling 1,000’s of dollars from his donors.

This comes as no surprise to some of the locals who have been questioning where his campaign funds have gone & why for the third consecutive FEC filing in a row as he has filed zero.

Anthony Pedro Aguero FEC Filings last quarter

With his last quarter filing saying he was actually negative, which means Aguero received no campaign funds and has been going straight out of pocket according to his last quarterly report.

The Former Democrat Anthony Aguero as seen here in 2013 helping Beto O’Rourke. AKA Robert Francis O’rourke.

Anthony Aguero & Robert Francis O’Rourke

Mr. Aguero has had a few run-ins with the law prior, A convicted felon Mr. Aguero has served 2 years in Prison time from 2015-2017. Shortly after he was released Aguero started covering the crises which were occurring down here on our southern border.

Anthony Aguero Convicted Felon in possession of firearms

The influx of illegal children and criminals coming across our border was how Aguero was brought into the spotlight of “political activism” in 2018 where he created his business “Border News Network” which launched Aguero into the political discussion on El Paso border.

Anthony Pedro Aguero
Anthony Pedro Aguero LLC filing of Border News Network

Now when it comes Anthony Pedro Aguero FEC Filing there looks to be many discrepancies on his official filing this last quarter with the other 3 previously FEC having some troubles as well.

According to the Federal Elections Commission, the following is how you determine if a candidate for the US House, Senate or President is required to file a Candidates and their authorized committees:

  • An individual running for a seat in the Senate or the House of Representatives or for President of the United States becomes a candidate when he or she raises or spends more than $5,000 in contributions or expenditures.

A Presidential, House and Senate candidates must designate a campaign committee. This “authorized committee” takes in contributions and make expenditures on behalf of the campaign. Receipts are handled particularly checks and money orders:

  • Receipts are anything of value (money, goods, services or property) received by a political committee. Authorized committees take in all receipts for a candidate’s campaign. Receipts include both contributions and other forms of support.

Once the treasurer (or authorized agent) receives a receipt, he or she must deposit it within 10 days. Contributions not deposited within 10 days must be returned to their donors.

An Individual by the name of Samuel Williams 16th CD Candidate of El, TX was sent a check issued on July 25th, 2019 in the amount of $2,800. The Donor of the check has also contributed to both Samuel Williams as well as Anthony Aguero, the only difference was Mr. Williams has filed his donations from this particular donor with his FEC filing report as confirmed by last quarter.

Mr. Aguero Check in question for his FEC filing

“The contributor (Donor) asked why this check did not show on the other Candidates FEC report for the 3rd quarter reporting period”. I referred you to (1) above which is what I told Mrs. Gabriel. The candidate appears to have purchased yard signs, T-shirts, and other campaign-related materials yet nothing in the 3rd quarter was reported.

If the candidate made expenditures for campaign items totaling $2,200 that automatically has to be reported in the first 10 days stated by FEC requirement in filing a report with the FEC.

This Check does not appear to have been deposited it appears that it was (Cashed) at the Bank the Check is drawn on. Take note of the identification information as it is not the driver’s license data. It is, in fact, Passport Identification which linked Mr. Aguero to cashing this check, This maybe another concern the FEC will be deeply looking into, why would anyone cash a Check Via Passport. Sounds like Mr. Aguero has not a valid ID or was hoping to work his way around being identified through the FEC on his Drivers license number. Now, this clearly is in violation of the FEC rules say it must be “deposited”.

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This is a serious crime that can lead to one year in prison with a $5,000 Penalty if convicted in court. This has contradicted Mr. Aguero’s 3rd filing on his FEC which he claimed zero dollars have been donated to his campaign. The check as shown above clearly states that Aguero received over $2,000 in campaign funds just from one donor. If you are anyone you know has donated to Mr. Aguero 16th CD campaign of $200 or more I recommend that you file an FEC complaint in regards to corruption.

We don’t have any idea where this money is going, and with El Paso being so close to the border it may very well be going back to the Drug Cartel. Here is a direct link if you would like to file a complaint on your behalf to the FEC.

Mr. Aguero Associate, Convicted drug smuggler “Felon” in Mexico Oscar Fernando Delgado Ramirez. AKA Oscar El Blue (BNN)

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