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Joe Biden hasn’t even stepped foot in the White House yet but his transition team has already gathered a squad of major tech leaders from Microsoft, Google and Amazon.
The change comes only months after Biden claimed he disagreed with how cooperative Silicon Valley was with the Obama administration, and pointed to tech executives as little creeps’ who showed ‘overwhelming arrogance.’
Despite his speeches, internet corporations have still been among the top 10 supporters to his presidency, and now he is recruiting a squad of their top executives to better shape the course of his administration.

Joe Biden Big Tech

In Biden’s agency analysis teams accountable for the Office of Strategy and Policy, the Department of Treasury and the National Security Council, executives from Google, Amazon and Microsoft take on top positions.
A spokeswoman for the Biden transition team said that department oversight committees are responsible for reviewing the federal agencies’ activities and ensuring that the Biden-Harris administration will accomplish the policy priorities identified during the campaign.

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Big Tech Withing The Pentagon?

The change comes as tech giants continue to improve their alliance with a possible Biden administration to guarantee that they have a say amid an onslaught of their corporate activities through federal and state inquiries.

The campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is experiencing a surge of criticism from its obvious links with major tech firms, including Facebook and Twitter, censoring a New York Post report every week regarding the dubious commercial relations between Biden’s son Hunter Biden in Ukraine.

The tale seems to show further indications that the deals of Hunter Biden were connected to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

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The temporary banning or restricting of the scope of the story by Facebook and Twitter also triggered deeper review of the recruiting of Facebook executive Jessica Hertz by the Biden transition team and Twitter public affairs chief Carlos Monje, who also entered the Biden transition team only days before the organization narrowed the Biden story.

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