Veronica Escobar
Rep. Veronica Escobar, (D-Texas) will deliver the Democrats' Spanish-language response to President Trump's State of the Union address.

The 16th Congressional District of El-Paso, TX Freshman Veronica Escobar Will be delivering a rebuttal of the State Of The Union in Spanish. The President of the United States Donald J Trump will be giving out on Feb 4th, 2020, at 9 pm Eastern in the halls of Congress.

The State Of The Union Adress is heard each year around the beginning of the year will be challenged for the first time since 1966 LBJ with a rebuttal speech from a candidate (D) Veronica Escobar in the City Of El-Paso, TX in a city that is 82% Hispanic which will be in Espanol the first of it’s kind.

The speech itself is a work in progress, but U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar believes it’s important for her response to Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address to be delivered from El Paso in Spanish, within a country that was founded & speaks English. Now, this may very well be her way to rally up the Hispanic base down here in El Paso, TX.

U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar works on her rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech. Escobar has been chosen by the Democrats to give the Spanish rebuttal. 

Since the August 3rd 2019 El Paso Wal Mart shooting which happened that unfortunate evening at 12:09 pm with 8 Mexico foreigners, Veronica Escobar has been a Pro Activist for the Latino Culture. In hopes of capitalizing off her seat for the 16th CD as a Freshman Congresswoman, Who was endorsed by none other than Robert Francis O’Rourke AKA Beto.

“There’s so much to talk about,” Escobar said. “The challenges that we’re confronting today are enormous.”

Versions of her speech have gone back and forth between the El Paso representative and her team. Friday was the “moment of truth” when she gave a draft to the Speaker’s office to get notes. So the question is posed if she is an American Congresswoman why have it in Spanish for the America Citizens?

She gave a practice speech earlier this week’s version of the speech over the weekend, where her husband (Michael Pleters) timed her. She was five minutes over her focused time limit.

Veronica Escobar has been under great scrutiny as such many folks in the El Paso 16th CD have recently found out her husband (Michael Pleters Facebook) is a Federal Immigration Judge in NM right up to North of El-Paso TX, Many have said this is a conflict of interest in recent months.

(Left) Veronica Escobar (Right) Husband Michael Pleters

Many have posed the Question as the representative of the 16th Congressional District why hasn’t the Congresswoman taken on her husband’s surname, is this in hopes to not have a connection to a Federal Immigration Judge which may be a conflict of interest? We may never know.

The location of the speech will be held Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe — also holds great significance in Veronica Escobar’s eyes. It’s “figuratively a stone’s throw away from Mexico, from our ports of entry, from downtown El Paso,” Escobar said.

“From everything that makes us who we are, and that sort of celebrates our location on the border,” she continued. The organization also provides “critical health care” to those in the community, Escobar said.

So why is Escobar a Freshman Congresswoman so focused on the Hispanic culture let alone a strong proponent of Open Borders? Is she catering to this highly dense Latino Culture here in hopes of retaining her seat in the Primaries? She has many opposing opponents from the Republican ticket, but now that poses a challenge from the Democratic side. Just to name a few that she will be going up against this year, (R) Samuel Williams 16th CD, Patrick Hernandez Cigarruista, & Anthony Pedro Aguero which will be challenging the freshman Incumbent, Ms. Escobar. 

Adolpho Telles ( El Paso County Republican Party Chairman) is looking forward to hearing the “Extremely Positive” things that have occurred over Trump’s term in office, he said and expects Trump to touch on things like the economy, the employment rate with the borders of Americas Sovereignty.  

“(Escobar is) going to try to paint it in the negative picture,” Telles said.

As the eyes of the nation turn to the Democratic response following Trump’s speech, so will the attention of El Pasoans, including members of the El Paso delegation of the Texas Legislature.

So do you believe that this is an appropriate response to the annual “State Of The Union Speech” to be held in Spanish, We would like to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

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