Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren

United States Senator (D) Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts was caught in another photo op this week at an event where candidates wander aimlessly into cafes while harassing people trying to eat their lunch or dinner. This just being after a few days ago her getting caught off a private plan where Ms. Warren is a “Strong Advocate” against Global Warming in her words.

It’s inexplicable why anyone does this, and yet every four years, there they go again with their hypocrisy preaching to the people who really aren’t wanting to hear it no either side. This time Elizabeth Warren was caught in New Hampshire crashing a casual dinner gathering at a local event where it looks like she may have not been invited.

Elizebeth Warren Senator From Massachusetts

In the Awkward video, you can clearly read the patron’s body language as to Ms. Warren being there at the event, The body language these people are giving off is ice cold and yet Warren doesn’t seem to notice, nor do all the cameramen angling for a great shot of Warren being a regular person doing a thing no regular person would ever do.

Can Somebody say Awkward!

One of the key job titles as a Senator or Congresswoman or man is to know how to read the people of whom you are trying to represent as the President Of The United States. In this moment as well as much more candid moments Elizebth Warren is caught again were she has not a clue of what is going on around her. The self-declared 70 years old Native American Senator From MA is a top contender in the DNC running against He top Rival Bernie Sanders & Joe Bidden has a very slim chance of continuing to the main debates in 2020 if she keeps going down this road

Hardly anyone wanted to make eye contact with Elizabeth Warren. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to many more of these cringeworthy moments on this never-ending slog to November. She is the only female candidate so far on the DNC will she in the near future have another female competitor on the campaign trail here soon Ms. Clinton? Or will Warren just be left hanging in the wind with her extream views that she doesn’t practice herself?

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