Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book: Who were the people in it?

Mr. Esptein has been at the focal point of the worldwide now known child sex trafficking] ring for the Elite; But since Jeffrey Epstein’s untimely death, many questions have yet to be answered. Well, today, we at Liberty Light News have the OFFICIAL unredacted “Little Black Book” everyone has been wondering about. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at some of the events that have lead to this moment.

Aside from the flight logs of Epstein’s jet nicknamed Lolita Express, there are records of Epstein’s “black book”. This address book has the contact information of many public figures, including names of the socialite’s associates that range from entrepreneurs to celebrities.

Just as with the flight logs, a given name appearing in Epstein’s black book doesn’t signify a definite connection to Epstein’s crimes. However, because of the overt nature of many of Epstein’s charges, it’s hard to believe people who knew him were completely unaware of Epstein’s conduct.

Jeffery Epstein, Maxwell,Prince Andrews

Many of the Rich, Famous, or Elite have been accused of being in this book, or accused of taking part in this sick scheme. One notable person, well known in the High-level Horse Racing circle has come forward to disprove he was ever aware or part of this Global Trafficking ring. Many times, young girls and sometimes boys are brought to high-level events, such as the Superbowl, most notably.

Andrew Rosen, the founder of Theory and owner of numerous racehorses, said he didn’t know him and had never met him. Mr. Rosen couldn’t recall ever attending an event he hosted or crossing his path.

Charles Finch, the film producer, brand builder and bon vivant, didn’t know him, either. Vanessa von Bismarck, the glamorous founder of a namesake fashion PR company? She had no idea why her name came up. Nor did Joan Juliet Buck, the former editor of French Vogue.

“As far as I know, I never met Epstein,” Ms. Buck said. “I never went to any of those famous parties at the biggest house in New York City.”

That’s Jeffrey Epstein, of course. Even though their names were in his notorious little black book, along with those of known associates like Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz, these individuals said they were not sure why they appeared. They weren’t, they said, friends, or even passing acquaintances.

As Many people are finding out Hollywood is the face covering of these Lavish Gathering where these horrific acts happens behind the scene with children being the partying gift to some of these folks. We want to make clear we are not naming or saying any of the folks in this book have taken part in these event’s each one is proven innocent until proven guilty in the court of the law.

Jeffery Epstein Unredacted Little Black Book

In some of the new court findings that have come to light with Ghislaine Maxwell’s court case; details of events that some of these victims have endured are coming to light. One such example is Virginia Giuffre; she has accused Prince Andrews of taking advantage of her innocence at the age of 16-17 at these high level parties.

Virginia Giuffre Roberts, the main victim in the court case goes into detail of how she performed a sex act on Ghislaine Maxwell in front of Jeffrey Epstein by the pool on his private island. She also exposed how the pedophiles ‘madam’ had ‘continuous’ orgies with young girls in these unsealed court documents now claimed to have been exposed. The files originate from a 2015 civil action brought against Maxwell by Epstein’s accuser Virginia Giuffre who has claimed she was lured by Maxwell at age 15 into becoming involved with the alleged sex-trafficking ring.

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Ms. Giuffre was asked to describe women she personally saw Maxwell have sexual contact with, she responded: ‘There’s so many, I don’t know where you want me to start. There were blondes, there were brunettes, there were redheads. They were all beautiful girls. I would say the ages ranged between 15 and 21.’She alleged she saw Maxwell participating in sex sessions with them by a pool, near the beachfront, in small huts, and in Epstein’s cabana.  


We’ll keep you up to date on the groundbreaking story when more is revealed. This is the first time the unredacted “Little Black Book” has been released to the public. Be sure to join our Facebook Page for updates!

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