Supporters of US President Donald Trump take over stands set up for the presidential inauguration as they protest at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 6, 2021. - Thousands of Trump supporters, fueled by his spurious claims of voter fraud, are flooding the nation's capital protesting the expected certification of Joe Biden's White House victory by the US Congress. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Yesterday Jan 6th, was an emotional day for everyone on either side of the political spectrum. As the world watched the Congressional Final count in Washington DC, many Patriots can in support of Donald J Trump while others had sinister plans.

Washington D.C

Unfortunately one life was lost, and three others were injured. So how did this all unfold, and how did some protestors get into The Halls Of Congress?

Lindsey Graham Labels Americans as Domestic Terrorists for Jan 6th Protest

Lindsey Graham Labels Americans as Domestic Terrorists for Jan 6th Protest

One Reporter on the Ground caught behind the scene footage of how it all unfolded with gates being used as latter’s to breach the upper entrance to the doors above to gain access to the Halls.

What happend yesterday was tragic, with a precious life being lost. While many Americans are on the fence about this situation, others are still trying to ask how this was allowed. With so many agencies, how was this not stopped? On January 4th, two days before the final count in Congress, the National Guard was dispatched by the Mayor of D.C with the D.C Police & State Park Rangers oh & doesn’t forget Secret Service.

Washington D.C Capital

Many clues have been pointing towards the Secret Service were at fault for the deadly bullet that stuck a retired Air-Force Veteran who was stuck in the neck that evening.

Congress Chamber Halls

Many rumors have been going around as this was a staged event that evening to enclose all room for debate from both members of Congress & or Senate. This may have had some positive results for the Trump Administration since this is where the votes may be legally challenged.

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Whatever the reason may be as to why the Halls if Congress were allowed to be breached, may never be answered. The question that remains for America is where does America’s future lay in the two weeks.

This on the ground footage was provided by a local journalist concerned about the Sovereignty of his nation, as he is a born & raised Native El Pasoan from Texas. You can find Louix Manuel’s work on his Instagram.

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