China Hack 214 Million

Within the last 24 hours, a lot has happened between America and China on the Finical Companies that were on the Stock Exchange have now been pulled from NYSE. China has recently expressed great concern about how upset they are by American’s latest decision on taking 3 of China’s biggest Tech Companies of the Exchange.

The three companies that have been called into question have now been taking off the NYSE Exchange where China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom. This after the long three-year debate with President Trump & Both House And Senate to make drastic changes to secure our Nation’s infrastructure. The (World Wide Web) has been quite an adventure lately; as China has been expanding their 5G globally, they have successfully exposed America’s Security flaws. Last year, Trump signed an Executive Order demanding we secure or Metadata from China with all the recent “Data leaks.”

Metadata Breach

There is a reported 214 Million accounts exposed, From Facebook, Instagram & Linked In. According to cybersecurity researchers, around 2 million Australian users’ personal details were among those found on a database leak, with the server belonging to a Chinese company. More than 400 gigabytes of data has been obtained thus far in a single 24 hours. This just hours after China’s Biggest Tech Companies have been removed from the stock exchange. In 2016 China was at the front of headline news as to breaching the servers of Link In from prominent Millionaires & Billionaires. This just a month after the highly dramatic Presidental Elections.

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Metadata Breach
Metadata Breach

How secure is America in this new technological revolution? Will Elon Musk New Satellite Star Link Network bring America The Security of a secure Internet. What’s next on the horizon with China will be relieved in the coming months

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