Over the past several weeks, allegations that amount to systematic corruption at the El Paso County Sheriffs Department including:

  • grooming and sexual assault of minors
  • human and drug trafficking
  • drug use
  • interstate travel to have sexual relations with minors
  • cover ups by internal affairs and CLEAT
    have been lighting up Facebook messaging boards; attracting curiosity, anger, and confusion as to how long this corruption could last.

The picture painted by the allegations is that the corruption is widespread and that the corruption begins at the top. Amongst the allegations against Sheriff Richard Wiles himself are:

  • Sheriff Richard Wiles is alleged to own a house in Tornillo which has been used for human trafficking and also trafficking of drugs.
  • Sheriff Wiles and his deputies and employees use the Explorers Program to groom underage boys and girls who are then sexually assaulted.
  • Sheriff Wiles does drugs with former Congressman and failed Presidential candidate Robert Beto O’Rourke, both clients of Willie Gandara Jr who was arrested and sent to prison for selling drugs.

The current set of allegations are made by Sammy Carejo, a veteran of El Paso’s political arena. Carrejo is the former publisher of La Derecha Blog and guest contributor to Jaime Abeytia’s former talk show on 1190am, Carrejo also was chairman of Republican Latinos of El Paso.

The allegations have been corrobrated by a confidential source who has been commenting on the Sammy C Show’s posts about the alleged corruption by what I assume is a pseudonym, Carlos Brigante. ��I’ve had several text discussions with an individual I assume to be the same individual posting under the pseudonym asking for clarification and/or confirmation of the comments made on the Sammy C Show’s page that regard the above mentioned alleged crimes.

Lastly, Mel Chavez who’s Facebook profile lists him as an active duty El Paso Sheriff’s Department Officer told me in a private message that 80% to 90% of what Sammy has posted is true. I asked Officer Chavez to elaborate on which parts were not true and he declined to do so.

Documentary of the Border:

This is what happens here in the borderland. People from El Paso, Texas cross over into Juarez, Mexico to pay to have sex with a child every single day. With the border being partially shut down because of the pandemic, these predators are on our streets looking for their next victim.Open your eyes. It is happening in our own backyard. These monsters love the fact that our focus is on what happens at the national level. We need to look closer to home and stop these monsters…………..no matter who they are! #SaveTheChildren #TheSammyCShow #UnderAgeisUnderAge #SheriffLeaks #God4Girls #Renovado #Renewd Jane Christiansen

Posted by Sammy Carrejo on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

This leaves the task to me. I’ll be honest folks, I’m probably in a little bit over my head, but God’s help, El Paso can learn the truth. I say that I’m probably in over my head because Judicial Watch who is currently in a fight to get Hillary Clinton to testify before Congress, had limited success in compelling the truth.

In October of 2016 Judicial Watch published a story called Up for a Third Term, El Paso County Sheriff Attends Fundraiser at Felon’s House – . The article details the arrest of Wiles’ right hand man.

A few years ago one of Wiles’ deputy chiefs, Jesus “Eddie” Campa, got criminally indicted for embezzling millions of dollars in Homeland Security funds. Campa served in the department as a jailer and officer for two decades, according to public records. He left the agency in 2014 following the indictment allegations, supposedly for embezzling $5.6 million in Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) funds, sources told Judicial Watch.��As Wiles’ chief deputy at EPCSO Campa was arrested by the FBI and taken to a holding cell at the El Paso FBI office located at 660 Mesa Hills Drive along with another deputy, Randolph Tabbutt, who has also left EPCSO. There appears to be no public record of Campa’s indictment and a spokesman, Daryl Fields, at the United States Attorney’s office for the Western District of Texas told Judicial Watch that he “can neither confirm nor deny” that Campa was indicted. This response from federal prosecutors seems rather odd, as if there’s a concerted effort to cover up information related to the case.

During one of our conversations, Carrejo told me that he’s tried to bring this information to federal law enforcement, internal affairs and the media but this has not resulted in any kind of significant action.

Carrejo says that FBI told him that unless Carrejo could produce pictures of Wiles breaking the law, they would not investigate the claims. It is worth noting that in one exchange on the Sammy C Show’s Facebook page, Deputy Chavez is writes

Money was missing because Chief Deputy Jesus Eddie Campa and his assistant (Sex secretary Mellisa Villela ) whom he was banging even tho she was married to Deputy Enrique Cortez ,we’re taking the money box home every night. On one occasion she claimed to have lost the box for one of those days! Mmm? I call bull shit. I wonder how Campa paid for his wife’s Rachel titties, his swimming pool, etc. puro pinche Embezzlement

Richard Gomez, who lists himself on Facebook as Retired in 2013 as a detective with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office after serving 29-1/2 years, refers to Mel Chavez as his brother in blue. I point these things out because I’m treading on some pretty touchy subjects.

Organizing and repackaging a set of allegations against the highest ranking law enforcement agent in El Paso County is a very serious matter, especially given the seriousness of the allegations.

In that regard, I’d like to point out that the same Judicial Watch article previously mentioned,
Just days before the election that could keep him in office for a third term the top law enforcement official in El Paso County, Texas attended a fundraising event at the home of a convicted felon with connections to the illegal drug trade.

Outraged officers in the agency that patrols over 1,000 square miles with a population of about 800,000 are asking commissioners to investigate the matter, which they claim will destroy public respect and confidence in their agency….

The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), which represents the group, writes that Wiles attended a campaign fundraiser breakfast on October 8 at the home of felon Raul Ricardo Hernandez.

The sheriff may have violated a number of agency policies prohibiting association with individuals that can be detrimental to the image of the office and conduct that adversely affects the morale or efficiency of the office, the CLEAT letter states. “There is no question that, had this conduct been alleged against a detention officer or deputy, that employee would have been placed under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office of Internal Affairs,” CLEAT writes.

It’s important to note that the El Paso County Sheriff’s Officers Association had endorsed Wiles’ opponent, Tom Buchino, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Major. It’s also worth noting that the treasurer of Wiles’ campaign is the (now former )Mayor of El Paso (Oscar Leeser), raising questions about how objective the investigation will be.

Carrejo told me that Wiles is the owner of a house in Tornillo that has been used for human and drug trafficking, a charge that Carlos Brigante also repeated to me. (Insert address of house)

Executive Administrative Officer William J. Ellis was born and raised in El Paso County, attending school in Fabens and graduating from Jesuit High School in 1968. He graduated from LeTourneau University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1972 and from St. Mary University School of Law with the degree of Juris Doctor in 1974. He is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and Federal Court in the Western District of Texas.

Ellis was arrested in 1988 for harboring a run away, which Chavez characterizes as for sexual purposes on a post on Carrejo’s facebook page. Ellis then hired not one but two other registered sex offenders, David D. Herrera Jr. and Daniel Rollings, as Executive Assistants.

A post on the Sammy C Show’s facebook page says, Remember, Rollings was the guy who had pornographic images of boys in his Gadsden ISD issued laptop. He was forced to resign as a member of the school board.

The original Sun-News reporter article Gadsden School states, “The Gadsden Independent School District approved a resolution that censures board member Daniel Rollings after pornography was found on a district laptop that was issued to Rollings.

Related Stories:

The pornography was discovered on the laptop files after it was turned in to be upgraded.

The censure was approved in a 3-to-2 vote at a board meeting Thursday.

The resolution censured, or reprimanded, Rollings, as well as requested that Rollings resign from his position.

Missing from the Sun-News article was the assertion that it was pornography of children.

Other officers who have been named in the Sammy C Show’s page include Deputy Adrian Tiny Gonzales and Constable Javier Garcia. A little over a month ago, Carrejo published a video on Youtube entitled We need to stop turning a blind eye to this problem,” where Carrejo dared Constable Javier Garcia to carry out an alleged threat to arrest him for talking about his relationship with a girl who Carrejo claims is underage.

The video features several pictures with an unnamed young woman who Carrejo claims was underage at the time and was groomed from the Sheriff’s Explorers program. Also appearing in several photos with the young woman and Garcia is deputy Adrian “Tiny” Gonzales.

Carrejo claims a list of allegations against Adrian Tiny Gonzales include exploiting underage girls, sexually harrassing females, sending unsolicited sexually explicit pictures of himself., taking money from Community Service Projects, is in charge of off-duty security work at local bars where he allows and profits from the sale of illegal drugs; all while gloating about getting paid to do nothing.

I am in possession of an uncensored “dick pick” which Carrejo posted on Facebook, purporting of Tiny’s penis, from Snapchat profile “Jubear,” sent to another officer named as Adrian on the screenshot. The screenshots icon from Adrian give the impression that Adrian is a member of law enforcement as well.

When I was first sent the photo from Carrejo, he said that Adrian was a member of the Sherrifs department. Sending “dick pics” is a crime under Texas law.

More to come in the near future with the Internal affairs Report.

Written By Luis Manuel

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