President Donald Trump has regularly accused his challenger in the Democratic White House, Joe Biden, of corruption in Ukraine and China when he was vice-president, something he disputes.

The problem resurfaced after a report in the New York Post regarding an alleged email in which a Ukrainian energy company contractor allegedly thanked Mr. Biden’s son, Hunter, for inviting him to visit his father.

Joe Biden told a writer it was a “smear attack” when questioned about the accusations.

In Washington DC, allegations of influence-peddling are rife and the children of Mr Trump have even been suspected of conflicts of interest in lucrative corporate transactions overseas. They denounce corruption, too.

Mr Biden will face Mr Trump, a Republican, in the presidential election next month.

What is the article in the New York Post saying?

An article appeared in the New York Post reporting on an April 2015 email in which Burisma ‘s advisor apparently thanked Hunter Biden for inviting him to Washington to meet his father.

Hunter, the second son of Joe Biden, was the board member of the Ukrainian-owned private energy firm Burisma, while his father was the US-Ukrainian affairs point man for the Obama administration. Hunter was one of the immigrants on her board of trustees.

The story in the New York Post does not offer confirmation that the conference actually took place. The Biden election campaign said there was no evidence of any such meeting from the period on the “official timetable” of the former vice-president.

But the campaign also admitted in a comment to Politico that Mr Biden may have had an “informal contact” with the Burisma advisor that did not appear on his official timetable, but it claimed that any such meeting would have been “cursory.”

“Andrew Bates, spokesperson for Mr. Biden, said: “Investigations by the newspaper, during indictment, and also by two Republican-led Senate panels whose job was declared ‘not legal’ and political by a GOP colleague, both found the same conclusion: that Joe Biden carried out official U.S. strategy against Ukraine and did not conduct any misconduct.

The Biden’s Chin Emails

The campaign also described as “Russian misinformation” the New York Post article, although it did not claim the emails were fake.

President Trump and his allies have shared the New York Post article. Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani, two of his former advisers, were interested in supplying the newspaper with the story and the laptop holding the suspected emails.

Other US media say they were unable to verify the emails’ authenticity.

Hunter entered Burisma in 2014 and, although he chose to resign, stayed on the board until April 2019.

The action by Twitter and Facebook over the Joe Biden article reignites bias allegations

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In China, what are the Bidens guilty of?

The New York Post also quoted Hunter Biden’s alleged email suggesting that he earned a $10 m annual fee for “introductions alone” from a Chinese billionaire, but it is unknown who was involved in the alleged introductions.

Hunter and his father, who was vice president of the United States, flew aboard Air Force Two in 2013 on an official visit to Beijing, where the younger Biden met investment banker Jonathan Li.

Hunter told the New Yorker that he had only met Mr. Li for a “cup of coffee,” but the Chinese authorities approved a private equity company, BHR Partners, 12 days after the outing. Mr. Li was the executive chief and Hunter was a member of the board. He will hold a share of 10 percent.

Hunter Biden Chinese Emails Scandal

In Ukraine, what are the Bidens guilty of?

President Trump and his supporters suspected Joe Biden of corruption when, when he was vice-president, he pushed the Ukrainian government to dismiss the top lawyer, who was prosecuting the organization Hunter was working with.

In 2016, Joe Biden called for the resignation of Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor, whose office was under scrutiny by Burisma and other firms.

Other Western politicians and major bodies offering financial assistance to Ukraine, however, also wanted the prosecutor fired because they felt that he was not very involved in fighting corruption.

What did impeachment have to do with this?

Information emerged in 2019 about a phone call made to the President of Ukraine by President Trump, in which he advised the Ukrainian king to probe the Bidens.

This led to claims by the Democrats that Mr Trump was attempting to unlawfully pressure Ukraine to help hurt his opponent in the election, contributing to impeachment by the House of Representatives.

Mr. Trump denied that he had done anything wrong, and the Republican-controlled US Senate later acquitted him.

Is there something proved toward the Bidens?

There has been no proof of illegal wrongdoing, and no information has arisen that Joe Biden did anything to knowingly help his son. Yet concerns regarding possible conflicts of interest have been posed.

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