News Journalism
News Journalism

The world deserves a better class of journalists. After decades of bias, media personalities have
become arrogant. They conduct themselves as if they are merely above reproach; in fact, they consider the
very notion of questioning their narrative as threatening. They see their countrymen as second class
citizens and seek to deny them their fundamental rights.

This elitist attitude of smug superiority and
condescension towards the public is nearly universal among this formerly empowered propaganda class.
It is indicative of their entitled attitude as they demand respect and expect deference. The power they
once enjoyed is waning in the face of changing technology and evolving culture to make their ilk all but obsolete.

Real News Journalism

These news companies do not have your best interests at heart. They have violated the people’s
trust, again and again, fake news has become commonplace. Outright lies and misinformation come
standard with the media, and the left has dominated the arena through nepotism and petty corruption to
the point where one can never trust what they read in the newspaper or watch on the daily TV

It is beyond being opinionated and interpreting current events from a certain point of view,
they seek to control information and engineer society by omitting the truth; they are actively obscuring
the fact, and are openly hostile towards anyone who dares challenge their domain by telling the truth.
Cruelty is their currency as they seek to purchase influence over the public dialogue, inspiring
hatred where there would be none and pitting people against each other. Entirely callous for the
suffering they cause, they look down from their ivory towers at the destruction they have wrought with

They are disconnected from ordinary people and are ignorant of unconcerned the suffering they have caused. They see the people that they harm as enemies in a cultural war that they
started in the first place, and wish to manipulate the public perception to make it appear that the evil
is in us and not them; so that they can be justified in annihilating us.
Rather than responding with the hatred that they have exhibited towards us, we ought to respond
in an equal and opposite manner.

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Do not hate the media; become the media. All of humanity is entitled to
dignity and self-respect, and regardless of how hard they may try to take it from you, it can never be
stolen; your life is of incalculable worth, and your sentience is beyond valuable. The human mind is the precious thing that is capable of overcoming any adversity, the human heart is capable of transforming the
poison of lies and disinformation into the antidote, truth, and goodwill towards men.
My intention in this journal is to edify and enlighten my readers to the best of my ability in the
hopes that through honest dialogue and passionate debate, we may come to terms with the pressing issues
of our time.

I hope to stir the stagnant mire that is the mainstream media. It is my belief that an honest
man lacking resources may stand against dishonest men, despite their prominence and power. I shall
endeavor to remain humble in the face of hardship, compassionate towards those who hate patient and me
as the road ahead will be long indeed.

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The world urgently needs a better class of journalists, and it has become evident to me that it is
up to us to revitalize the old and tired establishment and to reopen for business the marketplace of ideas
once again.

I am committed to speaking the truth always, even if it leads to my death, and I look forward to earning your trust as a credible source for news, current events, and philosophy. While I am certain there
will be growing pains and I will likely make mistakes, I promise to learn from them and to strive to be
trustworthy, and reliable; and most importantly of all honest as we grow together in love, as we place our
hope in divine providence and our faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Stay Vigilant & May God Bless You.

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